Meet The Campground Family

The Campground Kid was born in July 2014 in Brunei. We moved back to New Zealand and to The Campground when she was just over two years old, and she spent a few months here full time with us. She has now started at a wonderful childcare centre, where she is positively desperate to go three times a week, giving Campground Mama and Papa some doubts about their parenting! But doubts are soothed by the big happy hugs at the end of the day, and by the thoughtful funny kid who we still get to spend so much time with. Her loves include Dinosaur Train, building with magnetic tiles, roast chicken, and playing families.

Campground Mama is the one who writes most of this blog (who are we kidding, I write it all). I used to work in Human Resources and Organisational Development before we took on this project, and I love training and managing teams and projects. I also love writing, yoga, op shops, crafts, music, and political discussions. I don’t make enough time for any of that at the moment, but I’m hoping that a quiet winter in The Campground will restore the balance somewhat.

Campground Papa was an engineer in a previous life.  He’s the hands on and practical doer of the family, and is usually willing to just give things a go. He is smart and funny and although he’s not the chattiest of dudes, when he does have something to say, it’s usually something worth hearing. He loves podcasts, photography, indie music, mountain biking, and movies. 

Campground Papa and I have been together for ages, and The Campground Kid slotted right in. We couldn’t imagine life without her, and I couldn’t imagine jumping into this crazy adventure without these fools.