The Campground Family Loves…

The school holidays are over! This marks the end of the busiest 6 weeks of our year (although there’s still plenty of busy to come). We were very lucky to have a Campground Aunt and Campground Uncle hanging out with us for a good chunk of the holidays, as well as a Campground Babysitter and a gymnastics holiday program to fill some childcare gaps and make it all a bit more bearable for the Campground Kid. But, still, with an average of 250 people in The Campground every night for the last month, it has been tiring. And busy. And just really tiring.¬†¬†

And busy tiring work means lazy blogging.

So today, a list of things we’re currently loving in our house:

  • Our new e-bike (more on that later…) and driving our car less often
  • Watching TV (Shimmer and Shine for the Campground Kid, The Good Place and Sex Education for Campground Mama and Papa)
  • Subway sandwiches¬†
  • Making alterations to the Campground Kid’s playhouse and our backyard to make it more fun and functional
  • Summer fruit (nectarines! cherries! plums!)
  • Reading (so much reading!)
  • Raspberry-Lime Frujus
  • Snack plate/platter dinners
  • Movie nights (soon to get even better now that Studio Ghibli is on Netflix)
  • Second-hand shopping (recent finds include cotton Moana PJs for the Campground Kid, bikes for both me and the Campground Kid, and some amazingly good value tramping boots for Campground Papa)
  • The drawings of Marc Johns

    An on-theme selection

Did I mention that I’m tired? Oh, I did? Well, still true. And now, I’d better go and put some stickers on the Campground Kid’s school books, pack some togs for her, and maybe eat a whole lot of chocolate.