Hi, I’m Jenn.  I live in a small city in New Zealand, where I, along with my fantastic husband, love to hike, visit thrift stores, ride bikes, and work on renovating the home we bought in 2010 as sustainably and cheaply as possible.

‘Nice work if you can get it’ was started when I decided to quit my second job in as many years.  I realised that I’d been making some poor career decisions.  They looked good from the outside, but were for the wrong reasons.  I was moving quickly along a path, but it wasn’t a path I wanted to be on.  So, despite a lot of people telling me it was a bad idea, I decided to just jump off that path, and to start working towards my real purpose.  (In other words, I left my corporate office job to find myself – but that just sounds cheesy, doesn’t it?)

The process of working out what I want to do has been absolutely fascinating so far, and my amazing Career Consultant helped me to realise that what I wanted to do was help other people make similar decisions and find their place in the world.  So I’m becoming a Careers Counsellor/Work Consultant/Job Advisor (title unconfirmed – I’m not there yet!).

Join me on my journey through unemployment, heading back to school, and hopefully making a mark on a little corner of the world.

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