A new campground

I haven’t been writing much (well, at all) lately. My blog is abandoned, my NaNoWriMo novel from 2017 remains just over 50,000 words worth of unedited scenes, my journals are empty.

I hope the pendulum will swing back to writing at some stage, but honestly, the past few months have just been busy. We’ve been busy job-applying, organising, packing, moving, and now learning a new job. We’re still The Campground Family, but quite a different sort of a campground. It’s in a bigger town, a town we adore and have always wanted to return to. It’s right on an amazing walkway, and right on the beach. In the summer, it’s going to be wildly busy. We feel so lucky to be here.

And in the two-and-a-half weeks since we moved, I’ve found a new(ish) creative outlet.

You see, the view from our (salt-covered) lounge windows is this:


And it takes us just a couple of minutes to get to this:


And it’s on the west coast, so the sunsets are amazing:


And they’re different every night:


And The Campground Kid just loves running on the beach:


And we love watching her and taking photos and enjoying being in this amazing place.

(And also organising a new house and learning a new job is intense, and taking photos is pretty easy to fit within the little snippets of free time that we find).

I miss writing. I miss having more time for me. I miss quite a few things, really. But I have a feeling that this wonderful place will play a part in pulling together the many various threads of my life so far into something like no other.

And even though it’s tiring and difficult at times, that feeling makes it all seem worthwhile.

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