The No Nap Kid

As I mentioned in my previous post, The Campground Kid has recently given up naps. To be fair, it wasn’t entirely her decision, but when her 1 hour of sleep in the middle of the day started leading to her fighting sleep until 9:30pm, and still getting up at the same time in the morning, we decided it was time to call it a day on sleeping in the day.

I was really worried about losing naps. After some pretty big nap struggles in her first year and a half, we were onto a pretty good daily nap routine. She liked naps. We liked to get a break. It was a win win. 

Until it wasn’t.

On a post about sleep, I couldn’t resist a picture of this sleeping cutie. Because 😍😍😍. (Also, this was before 6:30pm!!) (Also also, when does it become creepy to take pictures of your kid sleeping?)

When the time came to cut naps, we were all ready, it was easy, and it has been great. Now, instead of tossing and turning for an hour and a half, it’s into bed, one story, and she’s gone. At 6pm. Ish. 

It’s not all perfect, though. There are some not-so-great things about being a nap free time:

  • Not being able to drive anywhere in the afternoon without copious snacks and distraction techniques
  • Eating dinner at 5pm
  • 5:30pm meltdowns
  • There isn’t such a logical time for ME to have a nap on the weekend
  • Missing out on evening playground time
  • Having The Campground Kid at our weekly team meetings

But there are some great things too:

  • Evening yoga and/or walks
  • Easy bedtimes
  • Getting our kitchen tidy before the office closes at 8pm (usually)
  • Sometimes getting to have grown up dinner
  • Easy bedtimes
  • More time for writing and reading
  • More flexibility for playground time in the day

And these great things definitely make up for the challenges.

    I’ve almost certainly jinxed myself by talking about bedtime. But seriously, it’s life-changing. 

    As with a lot of parenting things, I questioned and I wondered about dropping naps. I didn’t know if I’d know the right time. I didn’t know how it would go. But when the time came, it was obvious. There was no question that we were all ready. It happened quickly and easily. In fact, this is how many parenting challenges have played out.

    Which means it’s going to be exactly the same with toilet training(/learning), right? 



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