The Basics


This is us; The Campground Family.  We recently moved from an expat assignment in Brunei, back home to New Zealand to manage a holiday park. We’ve never done anything like this before, but we’re all figuring it out together.

The star of the show is the small one with the banana. She’s two, she’s funny as hell, and she’s the boss in this house. She’s The Campground Kid. Her favourite parts of living at a campground are the cleaning van, checking people in and out, the trampoline, and riding around in the little truck with her Papa.

Speaking of her Papa, he’s the beardy one on the right (which I suppose is obvious.) He’s an ex-Engineer with a practical mind, and an all round good guy. Campground Papa’s favourite parts of living at a campground are the chill vibe, the outdoors work, and chatting with people as he does the rounds.

And then there’s me: Campground Mama. I have done many different jobs in my time, but most recently my job was staying home with The Campground Kid. My favourite parts of living on a campground are the flexibility, working as a team with Campground Papa, and figuring out how to solve the different problems that arise each day.

We are all loving being back in New Zealand. We missed the New Zealand bush and the New Zealand attitude and the New Zealand seasons. And we’re excited to be involved in what we see as a great part of New Zealand culture: camping.

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