The small things

Yesterday I wrote about needing space. And last night I got space, in the form of a dinner out with friends. Then today I got more space, in the form of some shopping, a fresh lime, and a bra fitting.

It was amazing. Good company, good food, good conversation last night. And good solitude today.

I enjoy the activities and the space and the break. But every time I have a break, I enjoy the tiny details almost as much as the break…


I have worn necklaces two days in a row. And not silicone teething necklaces!

Last night I wore a dress that is not breastfeeding friendly.

Today I went into changing rooms without worrying about a small person crawling out under the curtain when I’m half naked

I wore glasses and no one tried to steal them off my face.

I carried just a tiny bag with my phone and wallet. No bib, no toys, no nappies.

After we finished eating, we sat and chatted.

No one banged their cutlery on the table, grabbed my glass, or threw food on the floor.

Add these to the list of things I didn’t really realise before I was a parent, because I never really thought of a necklace as a luxury before!

On the flip side, people didn’t smile quite as much, and only one person told me my baby was adorable (she had not long been to visit the café with her Papa when I went in, and we’re kinda regulars).

Life is different when she’s there. Outings are more difficult. But even if I love these breaks when I get them, I (obviously) wouldn’t change her for anything.

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