Goodbye May, Hello June!

It’s been a long time since I posted (although really, what’s new?)  In fact, I managed to go the entire month of May without posting.  So today I wanted to do a quick recap of what went down in May, and a bit about what we’re looking forward to in June (and some of what’s already happened, since the start of June was more than a week ago).

But first, a side note: how on EARTH is it June already? I can’t quite comprehend just how quickly time is going at the moment!

In May we…

  • recovered from our colds, and were so glad to get out of the house again.
  • celebrated my first Mother’s Day with our first trip to the Miri Marriott (my Brunei expat friends and readers will appreciate just how weird it is that it was over two years before we stayed there!)
  • went to our first birthday party, and thought about how soon The Engineer’s Baby will be having her own.
  • had an amazing visit from my dad and my step-mum (aka Poppa and Grandma)
  • flew to Kota Kinabalu for an amazing long weekend, including a boat ride out to a beautiful island, orangutans, lots of good food, and family hang out time.
  • watched The Engineer’s Baby take her first steps
  • visited the Oil and Gas Discovery Centre for the first time (and were pleasantly surprised)
  • said goodbye to Poppa and Grandma again
  • visited Danes Cafe, had a nice coffee, saw what the hype was about, and vowed to return for that burger
  • went to the movies (I saw Pitch Perfect 2 with two friends, and had a wonderful time)

1-2015-05-27 16.06.19

In June we have already…

  • started Junkfree June, which means no takeaways, no fizzy drink, no sweet treats for an entire month
  • celebrated eleven years since our very first date
  • tried two new restaurants (Sushi Tei and Pastamania, both at KB Sentral mall)
  • seen The Engineer’s Baby learn to climb, meaning even more babyproofing
  • tried the indoor playground/soft play at KB Sentral mall, and realised that The Engineer’s Baby should probably be walking well before we return
  • booked flights to Penang in July and Singapore in September

1-2015-06-05 12.57.13

And this month, we also plan to…

  • celebrate The Engineer’s Baby’s eleven month birthday, and The Engineer’s thirty second birthday
  • see The Engineer’s Baby start walking properly (I guess that one’s not really in our control though, so who knows!)
  • finish booking our July holiday
  • plan something to celebrate The Engineer’s Baby’s first birthday (oh my goodness!)
  • celebrate the start of Ramadan, and get disappointed that we can’t visit the markets (because of that pesky Junkfree June thing)
  • go to another birthday party, and marvel some more at how big all these babies are getting!
  • blog a bit more (I don’t promise a lot though!)

1-2015-06-06 11.24.37

Life has definitely slowed down a little since The Engineer’s Baby arrived (not that it was very fast paced to begin with.  Kuala Belait doesn’t really lend itself to fast paced.) But we quite like that.  We miss all the travel, but it just doesn’t work so well for her, and we wouldn’t change her for anything.  So we’ll just keep plodding along in this little Brunei life, enjoying watching her grow and change, and getting ridiculously excited when new restaurants open (Kaizen Kuala Belait, you’re next on the list!)

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