My Favourite Things #2: Thai Triangle Cushion

We don’t have many big toys, or a lot of space for big toys, but when we came back from New Zealand in January, and The Engineer’s Baby was starting to climb, we decided we needed something safe for her to learn and explore on.

I thought about it and researched and worked out how much it would cost to get all sorts of interesting structures built. And then The Engineer had a brainwave, and instead of making a mission for anything special, I just headed down to the department store and spent $30 on a Thai triangle cushion.

And it has been amazing.


In February she surprised me by being able to climb up the little step to grab at her art.


In March she chased The Engineer around it and worked out how to push it around the room.


In April The Engineer discovered it could be used as a tunnel too.


In May she has climbed and clambered and rolly pollied all over it.

It is easy to move and adjust, it is soft enough not to hurt her, but firm enough to be fun, it is something we can use once she grows out of it, it fits with our plan to not buy any toys.

Basically, it has been pretty much the perfect purchase for us, and I would highly recommend it to anyone with a big baby.

It has been used for peekaboo and resting and lifting and walking, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

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