Lately, in the life of The Engineer’s Baby

There have been naps in her bed, and cautious celebration of that fact.

There has been a lot of standing, and one nearly-attempted step.

The basket of blankets has been repeatedly tipped over and emptied, resulting in blanket forts and peekaboo galore.


There has been drawer opening, and finger slamming, and installation of a drawer latch.

There has been a lot more video, because I want to remember it all.

The trips to the pool have been few and far between because of “the haze”, and I’ve been a little stir crazy.

There has been climbing and clambering and more and more “games”.

There has been more and more eating, especially when it’s watermelon.

The tooth hasn’t popped through yet, but it has got to be close.

The Engineer’s Baby has been growing and changing at a rate of knots. It’s crazy, it’s exciting, it’s a little bit sad. And it’s these little things that I want to remember. First steps, first words, they’re all well and good. But they’re just the milestones. The rest is life, and it’s amazing.

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