Daddy Daughter Fridays

Friday afternoons are my time off. I love this for me (a break! A mani pedi or a coffee or a long shower or whatever the heck I want!) But I also like it for them. This is time where The Engineer and The Engineer’s Baby get to hang out without me getting all up in their grills. They get to develop their relationship more. And she LOVES her Papa.


I often sit in another room, but occasionally I sneak back in to watch them together (yes, I’m a creep). Today I took a video (and because I’m a numpty, I can’t embed it, but here’s a link).

Daddy Daughter Fridays:

Then I left them to it, and went to take a really long shower (complete with phone in a plastic bag playing podcasts; I’m a genius.)

Sometimes I forget that taking space isn’t just selfish. I feel bad for wanting/needing a break. But watching this video reminds me that my breaks are good for all of us. They need time together without me. I love her desperately, but I need time without her. It’s a win-win.

And with that in mind, I think I might go and get a coffee!

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