A Trip Home

We have been back in Brunei for a week and a half, and I think I am officially over the jet lag.  I no longer fall asleep on the couch at 8pm, nor wake up at 5am (unless the baby wakes me, which she almost always does).  We are getting back into our routines, our activities, our normal life.  And the whole trip seems quite surreal now.


Our New Zealand road trip was a bit of a whirlwind.  In our month long holiday we stayed in eight different places.  We drove over 1500 km, which took us way too many hours to think about, and cost us a shocking amount (when you’re used to $0.35 diesel, even the currently cheap New Zealand petrol prices are quite the surprise!)  We saw friends and family and beautiful scenery.  We ate delicious New Zealand food, and drank probably too much coffee and wine.  We celebrated Christmas and New Years.  We had berries and stone fruit.  We relaxed, and most of all we WALKED.


We carried the baby, and we walked.  We walked around towns, along waterfronts.  We walked along beaches and up hills.  We walked on Mt Taranaki, and it felt like home.  We walked on the ferry as we crossed Cook Strait, and on the plane as we flew home again.  We absolutely adored having day time temperatures that allowed for all the walking.  We discovered back carrying, and how much better the baby slept back there.  It was amazing.




And while we walked (or between walks), the baby developed.  She learned to sit, and how to crawl fast.  She cut a couple of teeth.  She started saying consonants. She charmed anyone and everyone.  She loved exploring the grass and the outside world.  We brought back a completely different baby to the one we left with.


But after being back a week, it all just seems normal again.  I’m used to the heat and the lack of day time walking.  I’m used to the fact that she can chase me around the house and climb up on things.  I’m used to the weekly routine of playgroups and activities.  And despite the fact that it’s so totally different, it all seems normal again, and it’s like we never left.


2 thoughts on “A Trip Home

  1. ysantoso says:

    It’s amazing but our daughter also seems to develop by leaps and bounds whenever we travel. Suddenly she is a lot more active and talkative. Must be the excitement of new surroundings!


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