What I’ll miss from home while we’re home.

We fly home to New Zealand tomorrow (tomorrow!!) for a month.  I absolutely cannot wait to be back.  I cannot wait to walk during the day, to see family and friends, to eat Vogel’s bread, to drink coffee, to go tramping, to show the baby her home country (not that she will care), to have big delicious burgers and beer, to drink a cold cider.  I am excited about Christmas, and camping, and shopping, and relaxing. Although I had a quick trip in March/April, it feels like forever since I’ve been there, and I miss it desperately.

But in order to go home, we have to leave our home.  Because let’s be real, Brunei is home too.  Our little apartment is the only house The Engineer’s Baby has known.  Our routines are here, (some of) our friends are here, our lives are here.  And as much as I’m excited to see New Zealand, there are things I will miss from Brunei as well.

1-2014-12-18 07.49.23

On our morning walk.

I will miss our weekend morning breakfasts of noodles or roti with teh tarik.  I will miss our playgroup, and seeing all those babies grow.  I will miss the local market, with its wonderful watermelon and cheap vegetables.  I will miss visiting the town centre and having people recognise us as “the ones who walk with their baby in a front pack”.  I will miss the “so cute baby” and “baby boy, baby girl?”s that The Engineer’s Baby gets almost everywhere she goes.  I will miss the pool at the club, and our new paddling pool.  I will miss the chicken rice from the food stall near The Engineer’s work.

It’s only a month, so not a huge deal.  But a month in the life of a baby is a very long time. And this month out of our space, out of our routine, out of our time zone, could be quite a big deal for her.  She loves new people, and new situations, so I think we’ll be fine, but it’s still a bit weird to just not know what to expect at all.  Then again, she’s a baby, so even if we’re home, we don’t know what to expect at all!

4 thoughts on “What I’ll miss from home while we’re home.

  1. dimla@sky.com says:

    Dear Jenn, I have been following your blog and it makes interesting reading.I am planning on coming to Brunei for work and was wondering after an exhaustive and fruitless search for ex-pats selling stuffs when they depart, and was unable to find any website that i might use.Do you know of any such forum? regardsEric __________________________________________________________________ The information contained in this email is intended only for the person to whom it is addressed. If an addressing or transmission error has misdirected this email, please notify the author (Dr Eric Dimla) by replying to this email AND delete the message from your system. If you are not the intended recipient you must not use, disclose, print or rely on this email in any way or form.


  2. La Cuisine d'Helene says:

    I know what you mean. It’s nice to go back to your home country but nice to be home with your own family. Would you tell me if the water is purified to wash your veggies and fruits where you live. When I was in Asia often there was warnings to not even brush our teeth with the running water. I am just asking because my husband have been working in Brunei for 9 months now but he eats at restaurants. He had his interview today and if they give him a contract we might consider a move. We would live in the same town as you or close by. I am a big fruits and veggies eater and we have no problem with our water in Canada. If I move to Brunei I would not want to get sick.


    • jenn says:

      Hi. The water is pretty good here. I don’t think anyone would not brush teeth with it. We have a filter on our kitchen tap, which makes it pretty easy for washing veges etc. Many people choose to only drink bottled water, but I don’t think it’s really necessary.


      • La Cuisine d'Helene says:

        Thank you if my husband gets a 2 yr contract we would do like you said and install a filter. Great idea. We visited the new grocery store and I found lot’s of stuff there. Still not what I find in Canada but I was surprised on the selection in that store.


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