Thirty thoughts as I turn thirty

  1. My Mum turned thirty when I was four months old.  I am thirty the same day as The Engineer’s Baby turns four months.  I like the pattern, even though it’s not perfect.
  2. I have pretty much thought I was thirty for the last two or three years, so I don’t feel any huge shock about being here.  But the realisation that I was twenty ten years ago is a bit of a surprise.
  3. In some ways I am pretty much where I hoped to be in life by this point.  Married to a rad dude, mother to a rad baby, doing some interesting travel.  But I always thought I would have a PhD by now, and until a couple of years ago, I never would have predicted that I would turn thirty in Brunei.
  4. The list of things that turn thirty in 2014 includes Tetris and the Cosby Show.  I am proud to share a birth year with them both.
  5. I have done twenty-six of the thirty things on this list of things to do before you turn thirty.  I am surprised and kinda proud of that.  I probably don’t have time to bungee jump, test drive a dream car, learn to bartend, and go whitewater rafting before the end of the day, unfortunately.
  6. I thought I would dress a little classier by the age of thirty.  But I’m pretty happy living in denim shorts and jandals (flip flops, thongs, slippers, whatever you like to call them).
  7. I made my own birthday cake.  It’s carrot cake.  The carrots remained weirdly orange, but it smells great.
  8. Ten years ago, we had one of the messiest parties in the history of parties for my twentieth.  This year there were three small babies at my party, and it was an entirely different affair.
  9. In the last thirty years, I have called twenty different houses “home”.
  10. As of now, The Engineer and I have been together for more than a third of my life.
  11. I am pretty sure that my predictions for my thirty year old self would have been completely different at five, ten, fifteen, twenty, even twenty-five.  I may be older, but I certainly haven’t stopped changing, not even close.
  12. I have made mistakes and bad choices in the last thirty years, quite a few actually.  But I can’t quite regret any of them, because they all brought me here, and here is pretty good.
  13.  When I was born, floppy disks were new and fancy.
  14. One of my favourite gifts has been pictures of the cake my amazing three year old nephew built me out of blocks.
  15. In the next thirty years, I would like to: write more, train as a yoga teacher, have fun raising Baby Engineer, travel to some new places, complete a Masters or PhD, and do a whole lot more tramping and mountain biking.
  16. In the last thirty years, I have visited twenty-two different countries.  I would love to return to most of them, and there are so many more I’d like to add to the list.  I don’t think I’ll ever get everywhere I want to go.
  17. Sometimes I think I am quite young and modern.  Then I see a teenager…
  18. I have never really been a late sleeper.  But I still know that the fact that I now think of 6:30 as a bit of a sleep in is pretty ridiculous.
  19. My phone company just sent me $10 credit as a birthday present.  It only lasts a week, so I might need to make some expensive phone calls!
  20. Most lists like this seem to have some wise advice for younger selves or deep life lessons.  I don’t really have anything to offer in that vein.  I’ve learned some lessons, but they don’t seem any more relevant today than every other day.
  21. Twelve years ago, on my eighteenth (golden birthday), I sat my first end-of-schooling exam and had a mini bottle of bubbles with my lunch with Mum and a friend.
  22. I feel like I’m not supposed to celebrate or enjoy my birthday as I get older, but I still love it.  I love the breakfast in bed and the gifts and the chance to celebrate life.
  23. I added this sweatshirt to my wish list three or four birthdays ago, and I still love it and still don’t have it.  Moose in snowshoes!
  24. I need to wear my glasses more often.  I’m getting frown lines!
  25. We went out for lunch to celebrate and The Engineer’s Baby sat in a high chair for the first time.  It was revolutionary to eat without using one hand to wrangle the baby (even if it only lasted part of the meal)
  26. Tonight I will celebrate again with burgers and Vanilla Coffee Porter from Mike’s Brewery in Taranaki.  Yum!
  27. In my thirtieth year on the planet the only alcohol I have had is two small glasses of beer. In my twenty-ninth, I didn’t have much more.  I now get tipsy extremely easily.
  28. The next birthday in our family will be a new niece or nephew.  I can’t wait to meet him/her at Christmas time!
  29. I live in a town where the firemen catch 5+ metre pythons at least somewhat regularly.  This is not really birthday related, but seemed worthy of comment.
  30. This is what I look like today:
    1-2014-11-18 14.25.54

2 thoughts on “Thirty thoughts as I turn thirty

  1. La Cuisine d'Helene says:

    Happy birthday! Will finally be visiting my husband in your area for a day on Nov. 30. On Dec. 1 we will stay in the capital and on Dec. 2nd we are flying to Bali. I am coming from Canada. Will spend couple days in Hong Kong before I go to Brunei. After Bali we will go to Singapore and then Shanghai. I can’t wait!


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