“Weekly” Challenge 19: Chicken Floss

Now that I’m back in a bit of a blog-flow, I wanted to keep up with my favourite blog series – the “weekly” challenges.  And this week’s challenge is one that has been in our minds since the very beginning.  It’s an item from a local bakery, which has all sorts of weird and wonderful creations.  But for our first challenge, we decided to go with the sardine donut (which is a bit weirder), and it’s taken all this time to get to the next item from Lof.  This time it was chicken floss.


This week’s challenge: chicken floss

You can get chicken floss (which is basically dried, shredded chicken) on lots of different bakery items.  We chose a fairly plain bun, so that the chicken floss was the star.  And once we had it, there was nothing left to do but bring it home and give it a go.

DSC_0462 DSC_0463

Cutting into it, there was more chicken floss than we expected.  But it was basically pretty similar to how it looked on the shelf.  The topping made a bit of a mess, but that didn’t scare us off.

The Engineer was first to give it a go.



And then it was my turn.



We both thought it was okay.  Slightly spicy, and held on with a nice buttery spread.  The bun itself was pleasingly un-sweet (which is a nice change for local breads), and it was actually nicer than some of the other items we’ve tried from the bakery that didn’t count as a “challenge”.  It basically tasted like what you would imagine from dried chicken on a buttery bun.  Slightly weird, but not really unpleasant.  I even had a second piece (although I have to admit we didn’t bother finishing the whole thing).  So if you come across some chicken floss (or any other meat floss) in your travels – don’t be too scared of it.  You might not want to eat it every day, but I doubt you’ll have to hold your nose and close your eyes to get it down.

This was a pretty easy week, really.  But don’t worry – our next challenge we will step it up a little.  I’ll give you a clue: It’s already waiting in the freezer, and it’s a bit of a combo of two previous challenges.

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