What I brought back from India

Yesterday I finally wrote about my trip to India.  It was actually quite fun to do it so far after the fact, because it was a chance to relive the amazing holiday.  Many people go to India expecting life-changing experiences.  In the calm of Kerala, I wouldn’t say that I got that, but that doesn’t mean the experiences weren’t amazing.  I gained a lot in those two weeks.  The list below explains just some of it…

Some gorgeous Indian prints.

Some gorgeous Indian prints.

  • three tops/tunics
  • a sense that the world isn’t as scary as the guide books try to tell you it is
  • my anti malarial pills, which I decided not to take
    (and after seeing approximately zero mosquitoes the whole time we were there, I am glad that I made that decision)
  • coconut oil and an ayurvedic oil mixture for my skin
  • egg roast and coconut chutney spice mixes
  • a new understanding of my sister
  • an even greater appreciation of okra/lady fingers/bindhi
  • a book of yoga and meditation notes
  • clothes for The Engineer, all of which were super cheap
  • a cold
  • photos (but not as many as I thought)
  • memories
  • a new shopping bag, a magazine and a chocolate bar (purchased at the airport to use up the last of my rupees)
  • an overweight bag, thanks to all the shopping
  • a whole lot of laundry, and no unworn clothes (good packing for the win!)
  • some new ideas for my future (and future tattoos)
  • great new vegetable recipe ideas

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