A post-lunch wander

Our house, in the middle of our street

I go through phases with my walking (which, along with yoga, is pretty much my only form of exercise).  There are times when I just want to get out of the house and go.  I pop in my earphones, rock some sweet tunes (or sometimes some sweet Roald Dahl audio books) and I hit the road.  There are other times when I pretty much can’t be bothered.  Particularly when the times it would be most convenient to walk (while The Engineer’s at work) are meltingly hot, and require an equal amount of air conditioning time upon my return to restore the balance.  During these less-motivated times, I like to use my chores to make myself walk.  We are very fortunate to live close enough to most things in town that I am able to walk.  Walking also means I don’t have to find a park and work out the (slightly confusing) parking payment system.  So really, despite the melting, it’s a win.

After lunch today,  I got my things ready, and headed out for my walk.  I ended up walking for about an hour, which included:

  • walking to The Engineer’s work to meet him for our trip to the Land Transport Department (we are finally getting our Brunei driving licences!)
  • walking to the Land Transport Department,  If it weren’t for a whopping great fence in the way, this would have been a ridiculously short trip.  Even with the fence, it was a pretty quick walk.  Once we arrived, I got my form, filled it in, and headed through to the back office for the officer to review my documents (and yes, it was as nervewracking as it sounds).  There was a slightly hair moment when he looked at my New Zealand licence (issued in 2008), asked “Is this really you?” and looked back and forth between me and the licence several times, but things were mostly in order.
  • walking back to The Engineer’s work to get a copy of my IC form.  He hadn’t needed it for his application, so I hadn’t made a copy.  The Land Transport Department also didn’t have any copy facilities (I would have paid – there’s a money making tip for them!).
  • walking to the Land Transport Department once again to finalise my application.  Now I only have to return two more times to complete the process.  Once next week to pay and get my picture taken, and once more after that to collect the licence.
  • walking back through the carpark of The Engineer’s work, and discovering a random clothes market.  Markets are often popping up there, and apparently these clothing stalls as well as some evening food stalls will be there for the rest of the month.  I love it.
  • walking down a side road to get to the fish market.  Unfortunately, there weren’t many sellers open today (I have really got to learn when the best time for fish is – do any KB locals have a tip for me?)  But I managed to get a red snapper that looked nice.  And I also managed to resist the cold soft drinks at the convenience store.
  • walking back home, chores ticked, armpits sweaty, looking forward to some air conditioning.

When I write it all down, I’m somewhat surprised that it all took an hour.  The distances are not far at all.  But I suppose it was a couple of kilometres, plus a few stops.  And when it’s sunny and 33 degrees outside, things are just that bit longer and that bit meltier (what with that and yoga this morning, I think it’s going to be a two shower day.  At least.)  It wasn’t the most exciting walk (and I’m sure it doesn’t make the most exciting blog post), but it was a great example of what my life is like here.  And now that I’m home and sitting in the air conditioning looking back on it, it does seem a rather pleasant way to complete some errands.

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