I’m back (but not really…)

A week ago today, I started my journey back from India.  We were delighted to have 24 hour checkout at our last hotel, and the fact that we’d arrived at 6:30pm was just perfect.  We explored all day, came back to the hotel, packed (which was slightly challenging given all my purchases), checked out, went out for dinner, took a rickshaw to the airport, and went through all the formalities (with two small hiccups in the form of a too heavy pack, and some scissors in my carry-on from repacking said pack).  The plane left at 11:30pm, and 4 hours later arrived in Kuala Lumpur at 6:20 am.

We had 6-8 hours in KL, during which we tried to sleep briefly (until we got told off), and generally sat around feeling a bit cranky (as 2 hours of sleep in a night is bound to make you).  Eventually (after a Filet o’ Fish for breakfast and rather too many cookies), I was in the air again, headed to Miri.  My flight arrived too late to catch the last bus to Kuala Belait, so I waited there (with some Marrybrown and some Starbucks) until The Engineer could get away from work to pick me up.

When he arrived, I was half hyperactive/talkative, and half exhausted.  I think the talkative mostly won out though.  We made it through the border quickly, picked up some kebabs for dinner, and blobbed out with Despicable Me on our shiny new TV.  I (of course) fell asleep and missed half the movie.  And then (of course), I couldn’t sleep properly when I actually got to bed.

The next morning, I woke up with a niggling sore throat and slight cough.  I had hardly slept, so I was pretty tired.  The ‘coming home tasks’ were put off for another day.  The next day, the cough and sore throat were worse, so they were put off for another day.  Then another and another.  And suddenly it was today, and we are leaving for the Philippines at some ungodly hour tonight.

Long story short, I came home from India, got a nasty cold, watched way too much TV and didn’t do enough of anything else.  And now I’m going away again.  Which means everyone has to wait for the Grand India Update (as well as the Weekly Challenge backlog).

But I’ll leave you with one teaser.  A picture from my sister of me practising my crow pose in the absolutely beautiful yoga hall at Kaivalyam Retreat (near Munnar, Kerala, India).  Our week there was rainy and cold, but amazing.  And the yoga hall was definitely one of the highlights of the trip for me.

Crow Pose

And when I get back next time, I’ll have even more updating to do.  And hopefully no more nasty cold!

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