I’m off

The last week has been a strange combination of rushing and laziness, excitement and relaxation.  I’ve been getting everything sorted for India, which has been difficult only because I’m a bit nervous about travelling alone, and have been transferring those worries to my preparation.  I’ve been feeling a little sick from the anti-malarial drugs that I couldn’t decide whether to take or not.  I’ve been hanging with The Engineer and our friends before we all get into the travel filled ‘summer’ (summer will always be Christmas time to me, but the majority of expats here are Northern Hemisphereans, so everyone jets off in July and August for trips home.)  I’ve been playing too much Candy Crush Saga with The Engineer.  I’ve been keeping up with yoga, and barely keeping up with writing.

And now, I’m ready to go.  My bags are packed, my information’s printed, my carry-on satchel is perfectly organised, my head is freshly shaved.

I am so very excited to see my sister, stay at some amazing places, and experience the craziness that is India.  That craziness makes me a little nervous too.  I’m glad that I’m not driving, but I know I’m not a great passenger sometimes.  I’m not a haggler, and I’m nervous about getting ripped off (although things are so cheap that part of me just doesn’t care!)  But I’m happy to report that at the moment, the excitement is winning.


I've got my backpack and my excited face on.  I'm ready to go!

I’ve got my backpack and my excited face on. I’m ready to go!

In a few hours, I get on a plane to Kuala Lumpur, wait there a couple of hours, and then get on another plane to Kochi/Cochin.  I get there, sleep in a stupidly overpriced airport hotel, and then tomorrow morning make my way to Fort Cochin to meet my sister.  We hang and chat and catch up for a couple of days, and she teaches me all she knows about travelling in India (with two months under her belt, she’s my resident expert).  Then we head to the hills for a yoga retreat for 7 nights.  After we are suitably relaxed, we do some other stuff for five days.  We really don’t know what yet, but we’ll work it out.  It’s pretty much the perfect itinerary!

I don’t know what the internet will be like, and my only electronic device is a smart phone, so I probably won’t be blogging much.  But I doubt I’ll be able to resist a bit of Facebooking, so you can catch me over there (the link’s in the side bar).

See you in two weeks!


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