Home again.

People of the jungle

Orangutans with bananas at Semenggoh Wildlife Park, Kuching. Photo by Daniel O’Connell, edited by me.

After five days of being out and about, we’re home again.  Kuching was amazing.  The holiday was amazing.  We hung out with the  orangutans at Semenggoh Wildlife Sanctuary, walked and swam at Bako National Park, visited the awesome Rainforest World Music Festival at the Sarawak Cultural Village, ate at busy hawker centres, wandered the waterfront, shopped at big airconditioned malls and small crowded shops, enjoyed foot reflexology and shiatsu back massages, drank our weight in Ice Lemon Tea, and generally enjoyed ourselves.

Being home is also amazing.  After five days of walking, going, moving, socialising, I am ready for my alone time.  Apparently I’ve gotten used to that over the last three months.  I am ready for some yoga that isn’t crammed into a tiny hotel corridor, ready to do some more writing, and ready to just stop.  There will be more stories to come.  Stories of challenges and experiences. Stories with tips and ideas.  Stories with photos.  But for now, I’m going to stop.


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