The Engineer’s Birthday

Today is The Engineer’s 30th birthday.  It’s hard to believe it because:
1. I feel like it’s April, not the end of June.
2. It means that his 21st (three weeks after our first date) was 9 whole years ago.
3. Thirty year olds are supposed to be grown up and stuff.

Me and The Engineer, June 2004 (or possibly July, I don't know!)

Me and The Engineer, June 2004 (or possibly July, I don’t know!)

If you’d asked this couple what they’d be doing on the dude’s 30th birthday, I honestly don’t know what the answer would have been.  I suspect they would have thought they might be married, but I’m pretty sure the rest of the details wouldn’t match up.

They definitely wouldn’t have imagined they’d turn into this couple:


Me and The Engineer, last week.

But I don’t think they’d be disappointed about where they’ve turned up.  They’d be stoked that I had a rad shaved head and a giant tattoo and that The Engineer had a sweet beard and great style.  They’d think it was awesome that The Engineer had a fancy engineering job that he enjoyed, and that brought us overseas, but they might be surprised that I wasn’t working.  They’d definitely be surprised that there weren’t kids in the picture, but I think they’d be impressed with the things we’ve done instead.  Most of all, I think they’d be happy that we’re still together, changing and growing with each other, and trying to create the best life we can.  And many people look back on their early 20s fondly (including me).  But  I would definitely rather be us than them!

The Engineer had to work on his birthday.  But that didn’t stop the celebrations.  We started with breakfast (Happy 6:30th Birthday), and I sent him off to work with a Survival Kit to cover him until Happy 4:30th Birthday.  There are a few things up my sleeve to cover the rest of the day, including a dinner with his parents (who are visiting) and some friends.  We haven’t seen each other much, but it’s been fun getting updates with each present he opens.  And I think he has enjoyed opening them too!

So, a happy happy birthday to the raddest dude I know.  Thank you for everything!

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