Weekly Challenge 9: Dessert edition

When I arrived in Brunei, one of the first restaurants we went to was WYWY in Seria.  It was a hot day, we were tired, and the place didn’t look too daunting…  Well, it didn’t look too daunting until we got our menus.  They were the fattest menus I’d ever seen.  So fat that the waitress couldn’t carry more than four at a time, and so fat that they required a contents page.

We were just there for lunch at the time, and the food was underwhelming (The Engineer’s prawns were way overcooked, my squid stirfry was edible but boring).  But the desserts pages stuck in our minds, and this week when we had not completed our challenge by Sunday evening, had no food in the fridge, and were exhausted after a trip to the jungle, we decided that this was the time to revisit them.

The challenge was for each of us to order dessert for the other.  Pretty simple, but with so much potential for greatness.

Deliberation took quite some time (there are more than 50 dessert options).  I was tossing up between ABC, Cherry ABC, and ABC Fresh Coconut for The Engineer.  And trying to convince him that Peach of Peach was by far the best choice for me.

Just a couple of the dessert pages in the menu.  Including some slightly comical photo framing, which I didn't notice until after the photo was taken.  It's Pudding De Cocktail, by the way...

Just a couple of the dessert pages in the menu. Including some slightly comical photo framing, which I didn’t notice until after the photo was taken. It’s Pudding De Cocktail, by the way…

There was a bit of confusion about our dessert orders.  We had several different people offering menus, taking orders, clearing tables, ignoring our not-so-subtle stares, and dragging our time in the restaurant out for as long as possible.  But eventually, our desserts arrived.

For The Engineer, I chose ABC Fresh Coconut.  ABC is a dessert that we’ve seen on many different menus around the place, but have never actually tried.  It basically means “Mixed Ice”, and is a combination of ice and other bits and pieces.  (At this point, I feel like I should make a pun about ABCs/alphabets/something, but nothing’s coming to me…)

The coconut arrived, and didn’t look too scary.  There was coconut water on the side (which he promptly gave to me – he’s not a fan), and the coconut had been filled, but all you could see was whipped cream, and the big ol’ straw sticking out.

The Engineer's Dessert

ABC Fresh Coconut. Looks pretty harmless, doesn’t it?

But after trying it, The Engineer’s face got some weird expressions.  And this is why:

Pretty wacky

What’s inside the ABC Fresh Coconut?

It was basically milk based, with plenty of ice.  Thrown in were lots of other bits.  Some Chendol (the green wormy looking jelly), some Cincau (the Grass Jelly), some red jelly drops, some yellow jelly, and some sweet corn.  Individually, nothing was bad.  But the combo left a lot to be desired.

I'm not sure about this...

The Engineer trying his ABC

For me, The Engineer selected Mixed Chendol.  He’d been curious about Chendol for a while (and we didn’t realise it was included in the ABC).  The bright green worms of jelly are pretty weird looking after all.

Maybe the brightest dessert ever?

My Mixed Chendol. I like the colours!

And when it arrived, so did my relief.  It was basically jelly and ice cream (the ice cream is coated in whipped cream).  Sure, the jelly and ice cream sat on top of a big pile of shaved ice.  And sure, the gummy lolly decorations were an odd inclusion.  But hey, they were no vegetables in it!

Mmm jelly and icecream

Me trying my Mixed Chendol (a.k.a jelly and icecream)

I gave it a try, and it was basically what you’d expect from the description.  I wasn’t sure about the inclusion of ice at first, but it wasn’t half bad.  It kept everything cold, although things did get a bit watery after a while.  The lollies were super super chewy, and not the best.  But they were easily avoided.  And the cream coated icecream and jelly were both pretty good.  It was not my favourite dessert (I’m pretty solidly in the chocolate/caramel/cookies camp when it comes to dessert), but I definitely think I came out on top of this one.


This ABC Fresh Coconut think is kinda weird…

This was the first challenge that we completed at a restaurant.  We didn’t really think anything of it going in, but what we realised when we tried our desserts is that it put some pressure on us to actually try them.  With many of the ones we do at home, we have our taste, and then call it a day.  But with this one, we felt as though we had to power through.  I think we both got about half way through before The Engineer’s got too chunky and corny, and mine got too watery and sweet.  Then we hightailed it out of there, and probably never plan to return (the food was, once again, average, and we’ve “done” the desserts now…)


2 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge 9: Dessert edition

    • jenn says:

      There probably was a lot of syrup in the coconut one actually. Maybe that’s what made it not so nice! We are not really sweet tooths (sweet teeth?), so the syrup can get a bit much for us…


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