A lunchtime, in pictures


On my way to meet The Engineer for lunch. Our favourite spot is by the river, about 5 minutes walk from home. These things are enough to make it a favourite, but the real reason is the great cheap food.


You’ve got to be careful when walking in KB. This hole in the ground leads to a storm drain. The stick is a welcome new addition – it actually warns you of its existence. And this isn’t really isolated either. There are huge storm drains and gutters all over the place filled with stinky water.



The Belait River is really rather attractive. We’re looking forward to The Engineer going on a speed boat course so that we can cruise up a bit further.



This is “our” lunch spot. A little food court with two drinks stalls, and about 4 or 5 food stalls. It’s usually pretty busy, but we’re usually the only white people there. We get some funny looks. But we can get Laksa for $2, so we’re not going to stop going.


A terrible shot of The Engineer and our lunch time view. About two minutes after this picture was taken, a ship with an oil rig on it travelled up the river. Very impressive.

Missing: A picture of our lunch!  Blogging fail…  But it was just too good.  We had green curry chicken and butter prawns (battered fried prawns with egg and coriander, from what we could tell) from a Thai place. I had fresh green apple juice, The Engineer had Iced Lemon Tea.  Total cost $12 (it was a bit of an expensive one today…)



We spotted a giant dead cicada on our way out. There are some crazy large bugs over here.


After lunch is apparently rush hour in KB. (Actually, it’s probably lunch for most – this was only about 12:40). It took ages to get across.


We stopped in at the market on the way home for some veges and a phone top up card. We bought lady fingers, limes, eggplants, and onions. Total cost: $4.50. Also failed to take a picture of the actual stalls.


And there it is.  A (not very exciting) look into a typical lunchtime for us in Kuala Belait.

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