Where I Write

Since arriving in Brunei, I’ve been very inspired to write.  I have been working on this blog, but have also started working on a book, have done a writing workshop, joined a writing circle, read books and blogs about writing, and have considered how I might get articles published.

You might think that with all that writing, and with two spare rooms in our little house, I would have a nice space set up.  A desk, some inspiring pictures, calming music, and nice ergonomic set up to prevent pains and strains.  That all sounds pretty good actually, but the reality is quite different.

In fact, this is where I write:

Where I write.  Our apartment in Kuala Belait.

Where I write. Our apartment in Kuala Belait.

Important features of this include:

  • Air conditioning.  An absolute essential for this Antipodean.   I am definitely not used to the tropics yet.
  • Amazing couch.  We didn’t bring any furniture with us, so rented our apartment furnished.  The provided lounge suite has a fairly interesting pattern.  I love it and am scared by it in approximately equal parts.
  • Coffee table.  Useful as a foot stool and for storing random bits and pieces.  Todays clutter includes two amazing letters that I got this morning, and absolutely made my day.  Both because they prove that our address works, and because they were great letters.

The view from where I write is equally uninspiring.

What I look at as I write.

What I look at as I write.

As you can see, with this there is really nothing to note.  The wall is blank (it’s hard to find posters here, and we haven’t thought of any other wall decoration ideas that we can use for our concrete walls).  The laptop is on my knee, which creates a somewhat awkward angle, and strains my shoulders if I write too long.  I then have to do yoga to stretch them out.  We don’t get much natural light, so the lights are always on inside.

So basically, it’s amazing that I am inspired to write, because it’s certainly not from my surroundings.  In fact, putting this out there, and thinking about it a bit more, I think that it has to change.  I’m serious about this writing lark, and I should put some attention to it.

Project Makeover My Writing Space starts now.  Who’s got ideas for me?

10 thoughts on “Where I Write

  1. Valerie says:

    Jenn, I love Hawaii, but I live in the dessert climate of Eastern Washington. One of the first things I bought for inspiration was a little potted palm tree to put on my desk. I love looking at it, begging it daily for forgiveness for almost killing it several times-but I think it’s going to succeed-just as I hope I do some day! Thanks for offering this peek into your world!


  2. mandyevebarnett says:

    I agree plants do help. How about pictures of loved places and people? A proper table and chair for your laptop are essential – not seeing the room arrangement all I can offer is to place your writing desk near the air con unit maybe right angles to it and a bookcase or lower table for reference books, nick knacks etc. to one side to make a writing space. If you have a window to can see out of face it.
    Good luck – make sure you post your new space- would love to see it


    • jenn says:

      Thanks for your comment Mandy. I actually think another room is the key. It’s just a case of making it inviting enough that I actually use it. But with all these great ideas, I’m sure I can make that happen.


  3. Melissa Marsh says:

    I envision just a little shelf or a bookcase, somewhere that you can put some trinkets that inspire you or hold a special meaning. And what about draping a clothesline of sorts across the concrete wall? Then you could clip things to the string – like writing sayings, etc. – and you wouldn’t have to worry about fastening them to the concrete walls.

    What a fun project – I hope you get some great ideas. 🙂 Thanks so much for participating in the Blog Carnival!


    • jenn says:

      A clothesline sounds fabulous. I love decoration that I can change easily. I have definitely had some great ideas. And seeing everyone else’s spaces gave me even more!


  4. Paul W. Papa says:

    Jenn, it isn’t were you write that’s important, just that you write. We all have longing remembrances of our first writing environment and this will be yours. My advice–for what its worth–concentrate on the prose and the environment will take care of itself.


    • jenn says:

      Such wise words. My shoulders might disagree though. So I think at least a little focus on the environment is a good idea. And might even help the prose 🙂


  5. Nicky says:

    Is there somewhere you could get photos printed up into poster size? So high res photos of Mt Taranaki would be amazing on that wall and great writing inspiration I’m sure!


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