Weekly Challenge 4: Cheese Cake

This week it was my turn to challenge The Engineer (insert evil laugh here…).  And going by the title, you might well think that I went pretty easy on him.  Cheese cake sounds pretty harmless.  In fact, it sounds quite delicious.  But the trick is all in the spacing.

This was  not cheesecake: creamy and delicious dessert loved by millions.

It was cheese cake: cake with cheese on top.

In fact, it was actually a Filipino Mamon cake (a light fluffy sponge cake) with cheese on top.

And I’m no stranger to cheese and dessert.  Apple pie with cheese cannot be beat (I know, I know… It’s weird.  But surprisingly delicious).  But anyway, my point still stands.  In New Zealand, this would be considered weird.

An interesting dessert

An interesting dessert: Cheese Mamon.
All photos by me.

First thing we wanted to know when we brought this bad boy home was whether we should melt the cheese or not.  We googled, and found out all sorts of things, but nothing made it completely clear.  So we decided to hedge our bets and try half of each.

Going both ways.

Should we melt it or not? Who knows… Let’s try both!

And once half had had a few minutes under the grill, and was lovely and melted, all that was left was to try it.  The smell was pretty strong, so The Engineer (who is decidedly NOT a fan of cheese desserts, even the awesome ones) was not super excited about the idea.  But he powered through, and gave it a go.

He tried it straight first, and was not pleased with the results.  But he found the melted version far more palatable.

The Engineer and his cheesy dessert.

The Engineer and his cheesy dessert.

Of course, I couldn’t resist a wee taste.  I decided to go with The Engineer and save the “best” for last.  But after giving it a go, I thought he was pretty nutty.  They were both gross, but the melted one was definitely worse.  I really don’t know what to say about it, but the conclusion was:

We do not recommend this cake!

Once I had tried, The Engineer had to have one more bite, because it was his challenge.  And we had a little nibble without the cheese, to see how that was (much nicer, unsurprisingly.  And then, we were delighted to throw it in the bin!  (We felt a little bad about the wastage, but mostly glad to be rid of it).

So here’s a wee lesson for you all:  If you’re going to bake a sponge cake for us, and are thinking about topping it with cheese? Don’t!  (If you want to give it a go for yourselves, go crazy, but don’t expect the two of us to join in your cheesy escapades)

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