Weekly Challenge 3: Yam and Sweet corn Ice cream

Our third weekly challenge, and first joint challenge, was one that came to us very early in our time in Brunei.  Just a few days after I arrived, we were browsing the ice cream freezer at the local department store and noticed a bright purple ice cream.  Curious, we looked closer and noticed that it was yam flavoured.  And its yellow neighbour was sweet corn.  They were only available in two litre containers, and I don’t really eat dairy, so we couldn’t justify buying that much of something that sounded disgusting scary interesting.  But they stuck in our minds, so when our first joint challenge came up, and we found 200 mL containers of them at the supermarket, we knew this was it.

On Friday afternoon, we stopped by the supermarket, and picked up the supplies for an ice cream picnic at the beach.

Breaking out the yam and sweetcorn icecreams at the beach.Photo by me.

Breaking out the yam and sweet corn ice creams at the beach.
Photo by me.

It was a beautiful afternoon, and a beautiful setting, but we were nervous about what was ahead.  We didn’t really even know what a purple yam tasted like, and we couldn’t imagine how ice cream could be sweet corn flavoured.  Would it just be like canned sweetcorn but colder?  Would it be chunky?

Yam and sweet corn ice creams.Photo by me.

Yam and sweet corn ice creams.
Photo by me.

Rather than wondering too long, we cracked them open.  We were glad to find out that the ice cream was smooth (mostly, there were a few small pieces of corn), and they didn’t look too scary.

The Engineer and some yam flavoured ice cream.Photo by me.

The Engineer and some yam flavoured ice cream.
Photo by me.

The Engineer tackled the yam first, while I gave the sweet corn a go.  After a couple of spoonfuls, and a few thinking faces, we turned to each other and said “This is actually pretty good!”

Pondering the sweet corn ice cream.Photo by The Engineer.

Pondering the sweet corn ice cream.
Photo by The Engineer.

We switched, and discussed.  The sweet corn was sweeter.  The yam was almost coconutty.  But both were creamy, smooth, and basically just good ice cream.  They didn’t taste vegetable flavoured, or weird.  They may not have been my first choice, but they were both nice.

After we’d eaten our fill, we had to decide whether or not to take them home, and came to the conclusion that they were good enough to eat again, and had made the cut. They went in the freezer.

A couple of days later, we pulled them out again for dessert.  This time they came straight from the freezer, and hadn’t been warming in the hot car for a while before eating.  And I have to say, they were somewhat disappointing, after the first surprising tasting.  Without the creamy smoothness, the flavours were a little bit weirder, and the ice cream a little bit less appealing.  They weren’t terrible, but definitely weren’t as good.  (I have to admit that MAYBE our different expectations also contributed to this…)

So our recommendation is: if you’re going to try a wacky ice cream, make sure it reaches the perfect level of meltiness before giving it a go.  We’ll have to keep that in mind when we finally brave cheese ice cream (spotted as we were buying these…)

2 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge 3: Yam and Sweet corn Ice cream

    • jenn says:

      I think you can get them mixed (kinda like Neapolitan). Or you can even get Yam and cheese. But yes, I think the combos are slightly more challenging.


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