When the last post finished, I was in Singapore, in a cab from the airport.  Things were going well…

And the next two days in Singapore were no different.  I was tired, it was hot, I was itching to get to Brunei, but I managed to have a swim in the pool, check out lots of shops, find some good food, have a fish pedicure, see the night safari, and most importantly, get my visa stamp in my passport.

Kuala Belait Beach

Walking along Kuala Belait Beach, March 2013. Photo by me.

On Friday night, I was really on the way.  I headed out to the airport nice and early, arriving just as check in for my flight opened. I was so excited that I didn’t care about paying $100 for my extra luggage.  I had McDonald’s at the airport (a bit of a tradition for me), checked out the shops, made use of the free wifi, and tried to be as patient as possible (which actually wasn’t too hard – Changi really is a great airport).

Then finally, I was here.  I arrived late on Friday night, and could not have been happier to see my engineer, my sister, and her boyfriend attempting to form the letters J-E-N with their bodies.  I couldn’t really believe that I had actually arrived.  I was also tired. Waking up at 4:30 am, and travelling until nearly midnight does not give a girl a lot of energy.

But I didn’t care about the tiredness.  I was here.  I was really here.  And after a few days with very few conversation partners, I was also chatty.  I chatted through the 120 km road trip back to our house.  I chatted through the bumpy highway, the random turns, past the teapot in the roundabout, and through the twists and turns that brought me to the apartment.  Our apartment.  Our home for the next two years.

And I kept chatting.  Until eventually, I crashed.  Hard.

Being here, being with the engineer, broke my jet lag.  I slept until a sensible time.  And when I got up I was still here.  Still with the engineer.  Still not quite believing it.

The weekend was spent exploring.  Exploring the main street (which took all of 20 minutes), exploring the market (and not realising that the quietness at 10am was not because it was nearly over, but because it had not quite started), exploring the mega mart, exploring the jungle (in search of a lake we didn’t find because we gave up too early).

But actually, most of the weekend was spent playing board games.  One of my favourite things to do; with my favourite people.  It was quiet, but lovely.  It was just what I needed.

And then the visitors were gone, and it was just me.  Me and my new career.  Starting my life as an Engineer’s Wife.

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