I know, I know, it’s been very quiet around here lately. And there’s good reason for that. Last time I wrote, I was waiting patiently very impatiently to get my approval to fly to Brunei. Long story short, the approval arrived, I flew, and now I’m here. And here has no internet, so I’m searching for free wifi, and not getting online all that much.


(Photo by The Engineer, March 2013, Kuala Belait, Brunei)

Long story long, I was starting to get sick of waiting, and on a Monday at the beginning of March, I was pretty frustrated and upset. But on that same Monday evening, my visa finally came through, and hopes were rising. But on Tuesday, when we realised that if I was to spend two nights in Singapore I had to leave on Wednesday morning or wait until Sunday, I was pretty sure I’d have a few days to prepare myself. So, imagine my surprise when on Tuesday night, at 10:30 pm, I received flight confirmation. For a flight leaving Wednesday at 9:30 am (or so I thought, but that’s a later story). And yes, that was less than 12 hours away. So I quickly packed my things, ordered a taxi, and tried to sleep in preparation for a big day ahead.

On Wednesday morning I was ready to go bright and early. I waited around for my taxi, and when it arrived, I double checked that I had tickets, passport etc. etc. Fortunately, I had everything. Unfortunately, my flight was not 9:30am as I thought, but 8:35 am. It was currently 8:05 am, meaning that I was supposed to have checked in by… umm… RIGHT NOW. A few choice cuss words later, the taxi driver was on his way as fast as he could go.

I got to the airport, paid (“Don’t worry about the change”) and rushed to the desk. Unfortunately, the flight was gated and I could not get on. Fortunately, I had a flexi fare (thank goodness for work booked flights) and could get on the 9:30am flight. A few check in hassles later (extra luggage is a PAIN), I had my boarding pass, and was ready to go.

The day was filled with cramped seats, funny food on planes and in airports, movies, endless episodes of TV shows, trying to avoid bodily contact with my neighbours (I was in the middle seat, bleurgh), and increasing tiredness, until we finally touched down in Singapore. At this point, I spent a ridiculous amount of money checking my email over the 3G network (roaming is expensive!) to receive my hotel confirmation (with the rush of the flight booking, I hadn’t received it with the flights). I was relieved to see the email from Damian letting me know that I was confirmed and where to go. I flew through immigration, grabbed my bags, learned how to use a luggage trolley, and jumped in a cab.

Things were going well…

To be continued!

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