I am sitting in limbo at the moment.  Waiting for news of the dependent pass that will allow me to travel to Brunei, and start a two year adventure there with my husband.  This is something that happened rather rapidly (from planning to settle into life in New Plymouth in October, to quitting jobs in November, and leaving in January, it was a bit of a whirlwind…)  But it’s also very exciting, and I love telling people about it!

Whenever I tell people about it, the first question I hear is “So what are you going to be doing over there?”

And my answer is usually a variation on “I’m not sure; I probably can’t work, but I’m sure I’ll find things to occupy my time”.  (Which, incidentally, is the truth…)

The real truth is that I want to spend the time working out who I am, and how best to be that person, and live a life of fulfillment.  But that’s a bit intense for your average acquaintance.

In this limbo time, the process is starting.  I’ve been unemployed for six weeks, and four of those have been spent travelling around the country visiting family, and relaxing in the fabulous New Zealand summer (seriously, best one ever).  As you can imagine, I’ve had a lot of free time.  And I like to think of it as practice for Brunei (the weather, the solitude, the dragging out of to do lists).

The month has been different to what I expected.  I have done more yoga and more knitting that I would have thought.  And have made up for that by doing less reading and writing.  I have spent less time outside, and more time sewing.  I have seen more people, been more different places, and explored less.

And despite those differences, it’s been a great month.  I feel relaxed and mostly calm (despite the slowness of the immigration process).  I have been fairly healthy (although the last week leaves room for improvement).  I feel less concerned about finding ways to occupy my time.  And most of all, I’m excited to get over there and see how things translate.

The one thing I would like to shift is the amount of reading and writing.  I love both of these activities, but haven’t really found the headspace for them.  I am still on track for 100 books in 2013, but I haven’t gotten as far ahead as I would like to.  And my blogs?  Let’s just say they’ve been pretty quiet.  I think part of this is a sense that I don’t have anything interesting to say.  My blog here is about work, and I’m not working.  The other one is about life as an Expat, but I’m not yet an expat.  So I’m hoping changes to my circumstances might shift the silence. But it’s something I’m going to have to keep an eye on when I do arrive.

I am really grateful to have had this opportunity.  It’s not often someone gets to be unemployed without having to worry about income, without having anyone to look after, and while healthy and fit.  And it’s an opportunity I intend to make the most of.  I can’t wait for the journey ahead of me, and in the meantime, I hope I can keep enjoying the step of the journey that I’m currently in.


One thought on “Unemployed

  1. Christie says:

    Apart from the not having to look after anyone I can relate to your post above! The life of a trailing spouse can be full of surprises and I’m enjoying the ride (for the most part 😉 I hope you enjoy it too.


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