One month in

On January 30th, our adventure began. The Engineer boarded his flight and headed to Singapore, on his way to our new home. I packed up my car, and headed to Napier to hang out with family, and to wait.

And one month on, where are we at?

Well, basically, The Engineer is, as expected,in our new home. I am in Wellington, visiting family, and waiting.

With a (little) bit more detail…

Over the last month, The Engineer has managed to:

  • Rent us an apartment (for well under our allowance)
  • Receive his employment pass
  • Rent us a car
  • Arrange phones, and start the process of arranging internet (which might be completed if the country weren’t out of stock of modems)
  • Meet lots of new people and see lots of new places
  • Attend two hash runs
  • Start his new job and receive his first paycheck
  • Buy the basics to set up the apartment (allowing for me to do the fun bits – what a gentleman!)

In the same month, I have managed to:

  • Experience one of the best New Zealand summers I can remember
  • Sew gifts for the babies in my life
  • Knit a pair of slippers (which might be completed if I didn’t make so many stupid mistakes)
  • Arrange insurance and address changes
  • Read 8 books
  • Do yoga about 20 times (was daily for a while there, but have slacked off lately)
  • Visit my Mum and Step-father, Sister, Brother in Law and Nephew, Dad and Step-mother, and catch up with several friends
  • Sew myself a skirt and a handbag
  • Relax more than I’ve ever relaxed before, despite the stress of waiting

So, overall, it’s been good.  We’ve achieved most of what we wanted to achieve in this first month.  The only thing missing is getting my visa/dependent pass, and getting me over there.  And Friday brought the news that my application had been faxed to Singapore (which evidently is good progress), so we’re hoping that next week brings good news.  More on that process soon (when it’s finally over).

Now to sit back, enjoy the weekend, and try not to wish my life away, waiting for this next step.  New Zealand’s pretty ace after all, and I’m sure I’ll miss it when I go…

2 thoughts on “One month in

  1. hilltophomemaker says:

    Oh wow! I’m also married to an engineer (materials) but since we’ve been married, all his over seas trips have been to Europe and I’m kind of hoping that if we do a seed assignment, it’s only the next state over and not overseas! But that’s probably because I dread the process of moving, especially with little children. Good luck in your new adventure!


    • jenn says:

      Europe certainly seems like a nice idea! Maybe next time. For now, Southeast Asia is pretty exciting! Can totally understand dreading moving with kids. It’s bad enough just moving two adults.


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