Dressember 2012


If there’s one thing that gets me motivated, it’s random challenges.  Some previous challenges I’ve completed were No new clothes in 2011, Whole30, Home Baked Only October (HoBOO), No supermarkets for a month, No Facebook for a month, Screen free week etc.  Most of them were a little bit difficult, but I don’t think I’ve given up on one yet.

These kind of challenges work for me because they force my creativity.  I can’t go back to my default; I can’t get caught in bad habits; I can’t just move mindlessly through life.  I have to think about things, even ordinary things, and find new ways to get things done.

At the end of last year, I started to get fed up with my ‘uniforms’ – I was wearing the same things over and over, wearing my (super rad) black jeans way too often, and leaving half my wardrobe unworn.  About the same time, I heard about Dressember (dresses only for all of December).  Ever a sucker for a catchy name, I decided to give it a go.

I started off great guns – wearing the dresses that sit at the back of the wardrobe, never worn; designing creative outfits; making sure I didn’t repeat items.  But as the month went on, it got harder.  I started to add skirts in, and there were a few repetitions.  And then on the 20th of Dressember, I went in for a minor surgical procedure (hospital gown counts as a dress right)?  During the recovery, I really struggled.  I ended up alternating between two maxi dresses for most of the rest of the month.  But still I stuck to it.

And at the end of the month, I was really happy that I did.  I even learned a few things:

  1. A dress always feels a little dressy.  And feeling a little dressy can really cheer you up.
  2. I have a LOT of clothes.  And I really need to get culling before we move overseas.
  3. The engineer is super patient, and a pretty good photographer.
  4. I like photo editing, and like to make the pictures from my $1000 camera look like they were taken by a toy camera.  I also realise that this is a little bit ridiculous.
  5. Being sick makes it really difficult to be creative.  Challenges help.

I can hardly call it life-changing, but Dressember was a lot of fun.  And I’m definitely keen to give it another go in 2013.  Hopefully without the surgery!