I quit my job: one year on

One year (+one month) ago, I quit my job.  It was a big move, and I was truly scared.  But by the time I got to actually making the move, it was not so scary after all.

One year (+one month) on, I’m making another big move.  Packing up my life, following my husband overseas (and yes, quitting another job), and moving to Brunei for two years as a “trailing spouse”.  It is a massive move, and still very much in the scary phase.  I’m hoping that it works out like my last big decision: in the end, not so scary after all.

In the last year (+one month), I have learned so much about myself.  I’ve changed jobs; gone back to full time, then part time, study; had at least 5 different job offers/opportunities; battled infertility and depression; renovated two rooms of our house; become an aunty; had a new garage built; finished a Graduate Certificate in Career Development; discovered mindfulness; recommitted to yoga practice; done a Whole 30 and gone Paleo; lost 10 kg; completed my first multi-day tramp; and so much more.  I am stronger physically and mentally.

I can’t attribute all of this to quitting my job, but I am absolutely certain that the confidence I have gained through my job change has contributed to this personal transformation over the last year (+one month).  And I am equally certain that this confidence will continue to help me grow and develop in the next year.

One year from now, I expect to be in Brunei, reasonably settled into the local expat life, living a grand adventure with my favourite person.  I would love to have added another person to our amazing little family, and to have found some interesting things to do career-wise, but for now I’m just planning to take things as they come.

But most of all, one year from now, I hope that I am happy and feeling fulfilled.  The details won’t matter as long as that is true.

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