Opportunity Knocks

Some things you have to work really hard for. Efforts over years and years get you slightly closer, until you finally reach your goal. But some things just seem to fall into your lap.

There are things (hard personal things) that fit into the first category for me. Two and a half years later I am still battling away, and don’t seem to be getting any closer… Yet.

But my latest opportunity was one of the latter. Here’s the story:

When I decided to move into career counselling, I went to speak to a local career counsellor (J). I thought she was great, so we kept in touch on and off. Her business partner (M) did some study at the same time as me, and we met at a class event, and also kept in touch after that. Then last week I got an email from M saying “Can you call me? It’s about doing some work with us.” I called, and found out that J was pulling out of the business, and they wanted me on board. I kind of assumed it would be little bits and pieces of work, but after meeting with M, it sounds like it’s going to be the whole hog. (If I want to, and as soon as I finish my study that is).

So basically, as of a few months away, I could potentially be a partner in a business. Consulting with clients and organisations. Working independently. In short, I’ll be living my dream. Just like that.

I cannot express how exciting this is. But it’s also strange. I feel like it was too easy. Suspiciously easy. And like without the hard work, I don’t deserve it. I’ll just have to remind myself that sometimes the hard work comes at the start, and sometimes it comes later. And if I’m going to make this work, the hard work will definitely come. Probably sooner, rather than later!

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