30 before 30 list

My 30th is a while off yet.  And really there’s just one big, life changing thing on my 30 before 30 list.  But given that that doesn’t seem to be happening, I need some other goals to keep my mind off it.

So I created a list to help me. I’ve got nearly 3 years to:

  1. grow something we can eat in the vege garden
  2. start my own business
  3. climb Mt Taranaki
  4. go on a holiday alone
  5. snorkel in North Queensland
  6. volunteer at my local thrift store
  7. make a big donation to a charity I love
  8. get involved with a political party
  9. ride in a ‘frocks on bikes’ event
  10. get work in careers advice/coaching
  11. write a guest post for a blog I love
  12. launch this blog 
  13. reupholster a chair
  14. research and write something just for fun
  15. build something
  16. walk or ride the Whanganui River trail
  17. get an article published
  18. go to a TED event
  19. learn to use a dSLR camera
  20. get a tattoo (to represent me and my sisters)
  21. ride the Otago Rail Trail
  22. walk the Tongariro Crossing
  23. sew some work pants
  24. be in a theatre show
  25. go blonde
  26. hold an outdoor movie party
  27. go on a big holiday
  28. attend a careers conference
  29. do a yoga course/meditation retreat
  30. complete my Graduate Diploma

In the past, these things haven’t gone all that well for me, so I’m going to try and check in on this one often.  But with two done already and one underway, I’m hopeful (unless of course, life changes)!

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