Personality Profiles

Okay, I have to confess something.

I love personality profiling.

It’s not altogether cool to admit that, but I don’t care.  I find it fascinating.  Each time I try one, I find some new insights into myself.  Or I get reminded of things I already know, which is often just as helpful.

And over the months of making my career change, my love of personality profiling has really gone into overdrive.  In my quest to find the perfect job, I’ve looked at:

I don’t know what, if anything, this stuff means.  But I find it unbelievably interesting, and it has really helped me come to terms with some things about myself, particularly some of the things that come out strong when I’m stressed.  It has also confirmed why some of my previous paths haven’t worked out, and why working in careers might be better.  My previous jobs, from most recent:

  • Learning and Development Project Manager:
    Project management requires a lot of organisation which is hard for a Myers Briggs P like myself.  The job also meant a long commute and a lot of hours, which didn’t fit well with my Lifestyle Career Anchor.
  • Learning and Development Officer:
    This job was pretty darn close actually.  Great team, met most of my requirements.  The main thing was that it wasn’t high on the anchor of Technical Competence.  The job is easy, and once I’d mastered it, I got a bit bored (I also got wooed away with promise of a great opportunity, which didn’t quite work out – see above).
  • Technologist:
    This actually failed on so many counts.  My HBDI desire to relate to people and to contribute to strategic thinking were often not met, the job required me to be very organised, there wasn’t enough of a Service element.
  • Technical Graduate:
    This one was once again, quite close.  It used my Input strength in a big way, and fit perfectly with the Lifestyle anchor and my Investigative nature.  However, the Social and Service elements were missing once again, and that just didn’t suit me.

And what’s next on the cards?

  • Career Counsellor (fingers crossed):
    Pretty strong on most aspects actually.  The main things it lacks are significant Strategic components and the Entrepreneurial Creativity.  However, I think that if I strike out on my own, which I definitely intend to do, that will bring those elements in a way that works for me.

(And the best bit?  I get to become an expert in personality profiling, and help other people reach these sorts of conclusions.  For a personality test junkie like me, it doesn’t get much better than that!)

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