A waste of psych

When I arrived at work today, I was all psyched up. I had been thinking about it on and off all weekend. I had my story (somewhat) planned.  I had it ready in my mind:

“I am going to talk to my boss today, and let him know that I am leaving.”

So when I arrived, I ran through the usual routine (switch computer on, make a cup of spiced tea, quickly check emails), and then gave him a call. I got through to voicemail, which was unsurprising (he’s a busy man), and left an attempt at a breezy message:

“Hi, Jenn here.  I was hoping to catch up with you at some stage today.  I’m pretty free, so if  you can let me know what time suits you, that would be great.  Thanks!”

I’d noticed he had a bit of free time around 9am, so I casually walked past his office just after that.  I didn’t spot him, but as I left, I heard his PA mention to someone else that he wasn’t in today.


When I got back to my desk, I was frustrated and deflated.  I emailed my sister and my husband (both of whom knew the plans).  I tried to think of alternatives, but came up blank.  I even had a wee frustration-cry (I’m a crier, so this is not that unusual for me).

What a waste of psych…

After a few emails back and forth with my support crew, the frustration subsided somewhat.  I reminded myself that this is not a change in plans, just a slight delay.  I called and booked some time with his PA for tomorrow.  I started plans for what I’ll need to tie up before I leave, and chose some easy tasks to work on for the day.  And once I get through today, I’ll hit the gym to get the frustration out, and then start the psyching process all over again for tomorrow.

Wish me luck!


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